CFC Leadership Commitment Form


The purpose of this leadership commitment form is to give each Campus Faith Club Officer an opportunity to do the following:
* To consider God’s call on your life to serve in a Campus Faith Club (CFC)
* To prayerfully consider if you can fulfill God’s call on your life to serve as CFC leader.
* To understand what is expected of you as a leader of CFC
* To make a personal commitment in writing to the Lord, the other leaders of CFC, and to the general membership

I, __________________________________________________ have prayed about serving as a CFC leader.   The Lord has called me to serve in this capacity and He has given me a heart to serve faithfully.

I agree to be faithful in fulfilling the following expectations as a leader of CFC.
1. To attend CFC leader meetings which will be once every three weeks in the fall and once every month for second semester.
2. To stay in communication with other CFC leaders and the faculty adviser in order to keep up to date on CFC happenings
3. To attend a minimum of 80% of Club meetings.
4. To contribute in a capacity fitting to my spiritual gifts.
5. To live a life fitting of a leader.
6. To actively engage with all club members regardless of class – especially at meetings.
7. Summer Back to School Leadership Retreat

This is a promise to the Lord and to your fellow classmates.

Date: ___________
__________________________________Student Signature
Witness ____________________________________ (Signature)