Christmas Reflection For Youth Leaders and Parents

Christmas presents an interesting opportunity as leaders and parents of the youth. When we read through John 3:16, we read that God gives his Son to the world, so that they may have life. As fellow children of God and guiders of the youth, I want to ask two questions of this passage:

    1. If God sends God’s children out in a mission for the life of the world what are we sending them out for? In the case of Campus Faith Clubs, why would we send our kids to the public schools? God sends God’s Child to the world so they can find life. What kind of life are our children giving to those around them in their schools?images
    2. The follow up to this question in; Are our youth being filled with life? There is so much depression, anxiety, fear, and hostility not only happening in schools but the world around our youth. CFC wants to make sure that today’s youth know the life of Christ. One of the things that we ought to be doing is looking at our fellow club members, as students and as leaders, and showing the signs of life that we see in one another. This is why the Fruits of the Spirit are foundational to what we are doing.


Campus Faith Clubs often thinks of the New Year as a point of re-energizing for our clubs as the youth take a break from school and come back (hopefully) more refreshed. Our hope is that in 2019 we can offer more life than we did in 2018. We are developing a new discipleship app for their phones, more curriculum, and will have as much interaction with the clubs as possible. We also want to know how we can support you the parents as we know, that you, like God, are sending your kids out into the schools. Some of you may wish that you could home school, or send your kids to private school, and others celebrate the public school system. Regardless, all of you send your kids to public schools and we want to make sure that they have the life in them (as the Son receives from the Father), so that they can share it with their classmates. Let us know how we can help not only your students but yourselves as parents to participate in God’s mission to restore all things.

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