Club Content Options

Each campus faith club meeting has, at its core, a 25 minute content section. Here are some ideas for that middle section. Have a few of your own? Share with us!

Student speakers – Testimony / Faith Message
Student Speakers are the preferred AND recommended option for Faith Clubs!  God works through students to reach students.  It is not unusual for students to hear from adults.  It is unusual to hear from other students – especially on issues of faith and belief.  Student speakers either share their testimony or speak on a subject of interest in a faith message.

Invite leaders and classmates to share their story.  Everyone has one and it’s easy to prepare.  Just follow this simple 4 step guideline for preparing a 10 minute story.

Prep Your Story

For faith messages, we’ve assembled some already prepared messages. These faith messages are ready for you to share!

Guest speakers
Have a guest come and share a message with your faith club. This could be a Christian teacher, a local youth pastor or youth leader or anyone from your community that has an awesome message to share!

Video message
This is a message shared through video. It can either be an online sermon, a Christian YouTube video, a music video that has a message, Youth Alpha, Christian spoken word or anything else you can think of! (as long as it’s a video!)

Questions to accompany Gospel of Luke 9-19
Icebreaker: What is your favorite place you’ve travelled to and why?
Which son from the parable do you identify with? Why?
What is the main point of this parable?
Who is it for?
What does it say about God?
WorshipU Devotionals – Jeremy Riddle “The Study of God


Icebreaker: What’s your favorite animal?
What can you do on a day to day basis to “study God”?
What are some of your favorite attributes of God?
What creates in you a heart of worship?
How do you think the study of God and the worship of God go hand in hand?
WorshipU Devotionals – Jeremy Riddle “Being a good follower”


What is your favorite Disney movie?
What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus?
What does it mean to have faith?
What do you do in your everyday life that contributes to being a good follower and what are some areas you could do better at?
7 Minute Sermon – How to Defeat Worry by Jon Jorgenson



What is your favorite bible verse and why?
What are some worries you have in your life right now?
What can you do when doubt and fear start to creep in?
Tell us about a time when faith overtook your fear?
Tell us about a time you gave a fear over to God and He intervened?

Small group bible study
Nothing beats God’s Word!

  1. There are a number of approaches to studying Scripture. Check out the easy to use Serendipity Bible Studies to use and share at your Clubs. Feel free to use your Youth Pastor’s suggestions as well!
  2. Worship set – Worship is the universal language among Youth! This could be either at the beginning or the end of your meeting. If a live band is difficult to put together, no worries, just use lyric videos from YouTube!
  3. Alpha – Youth Alpha is an awesome evangelism resource specifically geared towards youth. It will take you back to the basics of Christianity and give new believers a firm foundation in the faith and will also give you opportunities for small group discussion. Consider using this as a resource if your target audience is new believers or even trying to reach out to the secular community. Alpha is a great way to do outreach!