Connecting Youth In Faith Program

The #1 reason that youth fall away from their faith is a lack of identifiable role models, according to research revealed in the book Sticky Faith. To proactively address this issue, CFC and South Metro faith clubs introduced a faith mentorship program, Connecting Youth in Faith (CYF), connecting high school juniors and seniors to incoming freshmen.

Incoming juniors and seniors apply the previous spring to be mentors and agree to meet face-to-face, starting in the fall, with 1-3 freshman mentees at least once a month for 45-60 minutes. Meetings are loosely defined but include a faith discussion on a school- or peer-related topic. Mentors are given resources, but they have the freedom to use their own materials as well. Discussions are confidential, but teacher/advisors have oversight responsibility for the program.

Our desire is that this provides for incoming high-school students the faith role models they need, who will show them what it means to live out their faith in a high school context.

We’ve provided example mentor/mentee applications for schools that are interested in beginning the program, under the Program Documents section. If you are a student interested in this, talk to your teacher advisor to get more information!

Program Objectives
Objective/Purpose of Faith Club Leader and Mentoring Program – To Link incoming 9th graders with Seniors to facilitate transition into High School and to promote faith development, leadership and service into High School. The intent is not only to serve the individual students, but also to promote an overall faith-friendly environment at the school linking underclassmen with upperclassmen.

Key Tenets of the Program
Seniors apply in the spring of their Junior year to be a Mentor and agree to meet face to face starting in the Fall with a freshman or Mentees at least once monthly for a minimum of 1 hour. They will meet at a mutually agreeable public location such as a local coffee shop or at school, and at a time and setting that provides for one on one communication.
Mentor Applications will be submitted for review to both the current Senior Leadership of the Faith Club as well as the Teacher Advisors.
In the spring of the 8th-grade year, 8th graders will sign-up to be a mentee with the Teacher Advisor of his/her Middle School faith club.
Content of meetings will be loosely defined but will include a faith discussion component on a topic or issue that is school or peer-related.
Mentors will be provided resources but may use their own materials provided it meets a faith-based application in the daily life of a student.
Mentors will be assigned to Mentees by Advisors as well as senior leadership during a pre-arranged meeting in the spring.
Applications will be developed to include personal information, interests, hobbies, sports/activities, career aspirations, etc. as well as the reason for wanting to participate in the program.

Program requirements include:
Mandatory Training Meeting for Mentors
Kick-off and Mixer for Mentors/Mentees
Required monthly one hour meetings with Mentee
One or Two follow-up Meetings throughout the year with student leadership and Advisors.