December Faith Conversation

December Faith Conversation?

1.Opening: Suppose that, whenever you talked, it wouldn’t be your voice that people heard—it would be the sound of a particular animal. Which animal’s sound would you choose for your voice?

Thoughts/Discussion: The Eating meals together regularly as a family has many benefits. When children are heard and responded to during mealtime conversations, they discover their own voice. They gain the confidence and security that assures them they belong.  The need to belong is one of the biggest needs for a student in High School.  What are other ways kids or students are given the opportunity to speak in front of others?  Have you ever seen where some people dominate a conversation and don’t let others speak?  How do you think it makes them feel?  God will always listen and hear you.  When we listen to others we are building others up.

Bible Verse: Pslam 91:15 “He will call on me and I will hear him”

2.Opening:  If you had to rearrange the letters in your first name to come up with a brand-new first name for yourself, what would be your new name? (Note: You must use all the letters from your current first name and no additional letters.)

Thoughts/Discussion:  How was your name determined by your parents?  Some people say the most important word for any person to hear is their own name.  Are you good at remembering names?  Do you have a trick for remembering?  It’s crazy to think God knows each and every one of us on earth….that’s 8 billion people.  If you add that to all the people who have come before and all the people who will come after that is a crazy high number.

Bible Verse:  Luke 12:7 Jesus said “the very hairs on your head are numbered”

3.Opening: If you asked five people who know you to write down the one word that they think best describes you, what do you think would be the most common answer? (Consider the answer carefully from their viewpoint, not yours.)

Thoughts/Discussion: We all need feedback.  We all like to hear good feedback but how many times do we seek feedback whether it is good or bad?  Rather than seeing negative feedback as bad, see it as an opportunity for ‘growth’.  More is learned through setbacks than through victories….so we should relish opportunities for growth.  Getting feedback from friends, for example, who hold us accountable can keep us from making poor decisions or acting in way we are ashamed of.  Can you think of how your friends can keep you from making poor decisions?  (drinking, gossiping, etc.).   It is no accident that the Heroes of the Bible are those that had struggles or setbacks.  Discuss a time or situation where you learned a lot by a setback or some feedback from someone?  Remember to remind each other you are “children of God” John 1:12

Bible Verse: Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in his own image”