Faith Club Application to Administration

The following should help you with your meeting with your principal or other school administrator.

1 – A statement of purpose
The purpose is to provide a place where students can gather and support each other, learn from each other, foster a greater level acceptance and value of one another, while doing so in an atmosphere of safety, compassion and caring. A Christian focus is used to foster discussion, relationships and direction. All students are welcomed regardless of faith or non-faith background.

2 – A description of club goals
To welcome all who choose to attend and provide a sense of connection and belonging. The group focuses on principles that are Christian to establish and build these relationships and to offer hope and encouragement to all who attend. The guiding principles will be compassion, respect and hope.

3 – A description of the leadership structure
Student leaders would complete a CFC student leadership form. The applications would be vetted by the designated staff advisor or supervisor. Student leaders who demonstrate the ability and willingness to lead other students will be given a leadership role within the group. Student leaders would form a leadership team and will be responsible for the direction of the group with the oversight from the teacher advisor.

4 – A description of the decision-making process
Student leaders will try to reach consensus on all decisions. If consensus cannot be reached, a vote will be taken and a simple majority will prevail. Conflicts will be mediated by the staff supervisor.

5 – A description of the anticipated activities to be sponsored by the club
Weekly meetings will be held with a variety of activities involved. The focus of meetings will be student speakers and discussion along with guest speakers from time to time. The group will also do service projects for the community and the school.

6 – A Description of Anticipated Outcomes from the Club on student population
Increase collaboration, respect and kindness demonstrated among students. And, decrease in behavioral problems including bullying, depression, anxiety and loneliness.

7 – A description of any anticipated need for funds or fundraising
There is no immediate expectation for funding or fundraising.