Faith Club Leadership Team

Faith Club Leadership Team

The team will have specified, elected “Officer” positions designated for the purpose of meeting specific, identifiable functions of the Club and its effective operation. The Officer positions and their descriptions will include the following:

1) Lead Officer (Spokesperson(s)) –
Responsible for overall operation and direction of Steering Team and LSHS Faith Clubs. Serves as the Point Person for Communication to Club Members, Steering Team, Advisors and School Administration. Expected to attend all meetings though it is understood there will be exceptions or unexpected circumstances.

2) 2nd Lead Officer and Speaker Coordinator –
Responsible for compiling speaker schedule with a minimum of at least 6 weeks lead time. This entails not only scheduling speakers but ensuring that speakers are prepared in advance for format and delivery. Will work with Officer Logistics Coordinator for supply needs (computer, projector, music, etc.)

3) Service Officer –
Responsible for overall organization and completion of service projects for the Club. The expectation is for the Club to engage in 2-3 service projects throughout the year.

4) Logistics Officer (s) –
(Technical support and DONUT Schedule -Two People) Responsible for the coordination of the “all important” Donuts Schedule for the year. Schedule provides at least 6 weeks lead time in planning. Will also be responsible for assisting with any other Club Meeting needs (computer, projector, paper, etc.) as well as general promotion and announcements.

5) CYF Officer –
Responsible for overall administration and tracking of Connecting Youth in Faith Mentoring program. Will work with teacher advisors where needed for support.
Note: All Officers will commit to meeting at regular intervals 4-6 weeks as a Steering Team with Advisors.