Faith Messages

Prayers for Use


High School Guided Discussions

The following are Bible study guides directed at a high school level audience, also available for download (pdf):

  1. Peter Disowns Jesus
  2. Zaccaeus the Tax Collector
  3. The Cost of Being a Disciple
  4. Suffering for Doing Good
  5. Submission to Rulers and Masters
  6. Faith and Deeds
  7. Praise to God for a Living Hope
  8. The Widow’s Offering
  9. The Request of James and John
  10. Jesus Calms the Storm
  11. The Soldiers Mock Jesus
  12. John the Baptist Prepares the Way
  13. Love, for the Day is Near
  14. Living Sacrifices
  15. Israel’s Belief
  16. More than Conquerors
  17. Dead to Sin, Alive to Christ
  18. Peace and Joy
  19. Paul’s Longing to Visit Rome
  20. Barnabus and Saul Sent Off
  21. Peter’s Miraculous Escape
  22. The Fellowship of Believers


Additional High School Resources


Middle School Guided Discussions

The following are downloadable pdfs suitable to guide discussion at middle schools.

  1. Precious To God
  2. Divine Desert
  3. Even My Enemy?
  4. Heavy Duty Love
  5. Corruption Abduction
  6. Serving The Slums
  7. Is God Keeping Score?
  8. God’s Guide To Godliness
  9. PTL-Praise The Lord
  10. Watch Your Words
  11. How Great I Am
  12. To Talk Or Not To Talk
  13. I Wonder
  14. Lethal Lies
  15. Core For Living
  16. The Last Of The Loyal
  17. Honesty Counts
  18. Smart Living


Additional Middle School Resources

These are outside links that have much to offer: