February Faith Conversation

February Faith Conversation

1.Opening: If you could stand before the U.S. Congress and try to persuade them to pass a brand-new law, what new law would you want them to consider? What reasons would you give to support the need for this new law?

Discussion: The Kingdom of God happens not only in the future, but also in the present. Those who follow Jesus are called to do what we can, as we can; to establish justice; to reduce oppression; to protect the defenseless; and to promote the common good.

Psalm 33:5 “The Lord loves righteousness and justice, the earth is full of his unfailing love”.  Talk with your mentee about current events that illustrate how people are bringing about positive change.

2.Opening: If an ice-cream company asked you to come up with a brand-new flavor of ice cream, what flavor would it be and what creative name would you give it?

Discussion: We each have great gifts to give a troubled world. Discovering our likes and preferences can help us discover the true nature and flavor of our most valuable gifts.  What do you think are some of your gifts or passions?

1 Corinthians 12:4 “There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit that distributes them”Not everyone has the same gifts but everyone has gifts however.  One gift everyone has from the Holy Spirit is Love and that can be shared by everyone.  Other gifts of the Holy Spirit include labor, leadership, wisdom, hospitality, mercy, healing, generosity, encouragement, etc.  (Rom. 12:6-12).

What do you think your spiritual gifts might be?  Maybe you can guess for one another?

The important thing to remember is gifts are used to build up the body.  In other words when we use or spiritual gifts we are building up the Body of Christ which is the body of other Christian believers.  Maybe you can see other people in your life that are using their spiritual gifts?  Yes? Pastors, Youth leaders, Club leaders, Mom/Dad?