Officer Interview Questions

Thank you for applying to be an officer for the LSHS faith club. Many people have an interest or an opinion on matters but few step out and volunteer to pursue a leadership position in organizations or Clubs. Congratulations on doing so you’ve already ‘earned’ the status of ‘leader’ by stepping out.
We have 15 candidates applying for 8 Officer positions. We want to communicate at the outset that while there are 8 Officer positions, there are 15 leadership positions. In other words, there is place for everyone to get ‘plugged in’ and contribute at a leader.

Some of the leadership Positions Include:
We will likely have once again 2 Co-Lead Officer positions similar to what Brady and Maddy did this year.

In addition to those the balance of the Officer Team will be comprised of a combination of the following positions:
– Technical and Logistics Support
– Hospitality – Donuts!
– Service Project Coordinator
– CYF – Connecting Youth in Faith Coordinator
– Small Group Bible Study Coordinator
– Marketing/Promotion/Events

In considering these opportunities is there an area or areas that you might have an interest in? Why?

It’s important and only faith that you understand what the commitment is to serving as an officer. There is a time commitment. As an officer you are expected to attend 80-90% of all meetings. Do you see that as an issue at all?

There are also monthly officer meetings which are led by the two Co-Lead Officers. We’ve had experience in the past that attendance has been difficult at times due to other things that come up. Are willing to commit to those meetings or at least 80% of these?

You shared on you applications why your interested in becoming a faith club officer and also some of your thoughts of the vision for the club. Can you share again with us what that is just to refresh us and add any other thoughts?

One of the areas of focus for us has been the attendance of upper classmen. Do you have any ideas what might engage upper classmen in attending and being more involved?

Provide 2 specific ideas that you feel would increase attendance at the club?

What kind of a person would you like to see in the Lead Officer positions?

Thank you do you have any specific questions?