See You At The Pole Message

Initiator –

Good morning everyone, the purpose of gathering here this morning around the Flag Pole is to come together to PRAY. See you at the Pole is an event that has been in existence for over 20 years and today thousands of students are praying around the world for their schools.

In the Bible, in the Old Testament it says “Go and Pray to the Lord” and when the people did this God heard them and blessed them. The Bible also says where two more gather in my name I will be there also and I will hear them and answer their prayer.

So as we come now and pray to God we KNOW that the Creator of the Universe, God Almighty will hear us and answer our prayers. So let’s pray now, pray boldly, and pray unashamedly.

(Initiator reads first prayer point and then passes on to next person)

  • O God we pray for the entire student body here at _____(put in school name)_______. We pray that you would keep harm from them and that students would make healthy choices.
  • We pray for the teachers and administration this year that your will would be done and that they would be filled with enery and enthusiasm as they go about their important work teaching the youth of this city.
  • We pray that you would move mightily in this community and that students and teachers would rise up and not be ashamed of their faith but rather see it as a source of strength and encouragement.
  • We pray that students stay strong in their faith in the face of negative peer pressure.
  • We pray that they would stand together and hold each other accountable to make good decisions. May they see their faith as an unbreakable bond with both you O God and Each other.
  • We pray that others might know the love of Jesus and we pray that we would become better followers of Christ and show our faith in our actions and words everyday.
  • We pray for the men and women that are serving to protect us around the world.
  • We pray for people in other nations that don’t have the freedom to declare openly and publicly that they’re Christians.
  • We just pray that as we stand here and people walk by that they see the light of God in us.
  • I am praying for more kids to go to church and get involved in the faith community so that you might be known.
  • We pray for the hurting, the lonely, the disconnected. We pray that they would know of your love and that they are never alone with the Spirit of Christ in their life.
  • We pray that this day would be seen as “normal” and that we should praise and pray to you daily without shame or discouragement.

In closing, thank you for coming out this morning and let us live our faith out not just for today around this flag pole, BUT EVERYDAY here at school and with our Friends. Amen.

Bible Verses to Read if desired:

  • Colossians 4:2-3
  • I Timothy 2:1-2
  • I Peter 3:13-16
  • Mark 16:15