Sharing Your Testimony or Story

4 Easy Steps and Questions to Prepare your 10 minute Story

1) How would you describe your relationship with God or faith journey growing up as a child?

(This questions is about your background growing up age 0-12) What was your home life like? Did you go to church, what did you like or not like, were your parents Christians and how did they role model, if not, were there others that made an influence? What are your memories from looking at others who went to church? Maybe you don’t have church background, that’s ok, what was your background then? What formed your beliefs?

2) What prompted you to see your need for Jesus or God in your life?

(This question goes to what led you to a relationship with Jesus Christ).  What struggles have you gone through? Who around you had a faith that attracted you?  What needs did you have that the world couldn’t satisfy?  Why did you come to Christ? Was it because you were tired of living a life of partying, stealing, lusting etc.  Was it a relationship with another or friends? Or was it a loss of a loved one? Stress, depression or mental illness?  What was the initial moment where you knew you needed Jesus in your life?

3) What were the specifics behind giving your life to Christ?

(This question relates to how you received Jesus as your savior).   You may have not done this.  That’s OK.  Maybe tonight is the night?  Maybe your witness is that this is where you are at and need to take this step?  That’s between you and Jesus.  If you have done this however, what was the specific event or circumstance that you can remember as a time you reached out to Jesus? Or said, Jesus “I NEED YOU” and want and choose you.  Was there a prayer you shared? In private or with others?  Who was involved and why? Do you remember the circumstances.

4) What has your journey been like since you made the decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ?

(This question goes to what has changed in your life as you have made Jesus Lord).  What God moments have you been able to witness or experience personally?  Has it been easy? Or hard? What has it meant to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself?  How has Jesus led to you a life that is deep and meaningful and what has made you willing to share that experience with others? Give specifics on events, people and circumstances.


An Example

  • What was my life like before I met Christ?
    • Example: I was raised in a Christian home and went to church. But I was always afraid of dying after I had two asthma attacks in the night that almost killed me.
  • How did I come to know Christ?
    • Example: When I was twelve, I couldn’t go to sleep one night because of my fear of dying in the night. I woke my mom up and she shared with me that if I am a Christian, I don’t have to fear death because I can go to heaven. I prayed to receive Christ as my personal Lord and Savior that night.
  • What has my life been like since?
    • Example: I no longer stay awake at night wondering where I will spend eternity. It will be in heaven because of Jesus Christ.

Testimony / Story Tips

The goal of a testimony is to introduce others to Jesus Christ.

The goal of the testimony, through the power of the Holy Spirit, is to move people either toward the point of conversion at the cross or beyond the cross into maturing obedience in Christ. INVITE them into a relationship with JESUS!

Your Testimony should focus on:

  • The key is to share your story. Tell your story how you came to know Him personally.
  • Talk about before and after life with Christ.
  • Share how you realized that you needed Jesus.
  • Talk about the people who were instrumental in helping you find Christ.
  • Be authentic, honest and vulnerable! People respond to people who are willing to share weaknesses or struggles.
  • Don’t be nervous when sharing your story. No one can debate or argue you! It is YOUR story.
  • Avoid using Christianese, spiritual terminology, clichés or phrases with which the unchurched may not be familiar or cause them to be uncomfortable (words such as born again, sacrificed, washed in the blood etc.)
  • Share scripture if you can. When using scripture references, be sure not to use too many, or simply make reference. Be careful to avoid long or lengthy verses. Share the main verse(s) that had the greatest impact in your life.
  • Bring Christ in your story by making the bible the authority of your life, not just your story.
  • If you grew up in a Christian home and you think your story is boring, remember that it’s not! It may be just what another needs to hear! No one story is better than the other. We all play a role in God’s story!
  • Three key parts to every testimony:
    1. Before Christ
    2. How you came to Christ and
    3. How you have grown in Christ