Six-Week Start Up Plan

Each Week Template:

Club Minutes
40 Minute Club Format
00:00  Welcome/Ice Breaker
05:00  Announcements
10:00  Content (25 Minutes)
35:00  Closing Prayer
40:00  Dismissal

Week 1:

Greet your attendees! Just say a brief welcome to the club

Start off club and the welcome with worship. You could either put together a live worship band with students from your club or school or you could play worship music in your classroom/meeting spot and put the lyrics on a screen. Something God spoke to me is: “you don’t have to be on stage to be leading worship”. Even if you don’t have a live worship band, having designated students to lead worship in the crowd will definitely set the tone for this time of worship. This could mean asking those students to raise their hands, start the singing and really focus in in Jesus during this time. Once one of a few students are doing this, more will join in.


  • Introduce leadership team: Possibly share what drew you to be a part of leadership
  • Share fun facts about self and share grade
  • Intro to club: Talk about what you will be doing this year
  • Share purpose and mission statement of club

Dive back into worship for another 15 minute set!

Student message:
Get a student speaker, perhaps someone from your leadership team to share a message God has laid one their heart.

Closing prayer:
Close with prayer!

Week 2:

Ice Breaker!:
Start off with a goofy game that involves student participation or ask a get to know you question and make sure everyone has a chance to share. It could be anything as long as it’s an unthreatening way to break the ice and get your group comfortable with one another.

Share the “what’s going on” with your group. At your first meeting this might simply be the date, time, topic and meeting spot of your next club, but you can use this spot to announce any happenings, what’s new or events that are to occur in your club such as fellowship events and group service projects!

Guest student speaker:
Get a classmate or student leader (different than week one) to share a message that God has laid on their heart.
Close with prayer: This could be done by a leader or selected student and could be done over the whole group or students could break up into small groups and pray about specific topics relating to them.

Week 3:

Ice breaker:
Once again start off with a goofy game that involves student participation to break the ice for better group conversation and involvement. This could also be a fun get to know you question. Make sure everyone gets the chance to answer!

Go into a time of group announcements

Video topic:
Share a video with the group that will prompt conversation. This could be a piece from youth alpha, part of a sermon, Christian spoken word, or a short Christian YouTube video that will prompt conversation and teach a little something.

Small group breakouts:
Break into small group sessions to discuss what you just watched. Groups should consist of no more than 8 people to keep it intimate. Conversation will be better this way. Small groups should be led by selected students, possibly from the leadership team and should be given a set of questions to go over with the group. The questions should either be written by a student leader or set questions that come with your chosen video.

Close with prayer!

Week 4:

Start off with a time of worship again! (See week 1 guidelines)
Make your morning announcements and after this week consider organizing a group service project or group hang out with the students in your club. (invite them to invite people!)

Enter into that second session of worship! ( see week 1 guidelines)

Student message:
Get yet another student speaker for this week! Choose someone who has not yet spoken.

Small groups:
Come up with discussion questions for the message just spoken and have designated student leaders to lead this small group time. Each group should have no more than 8 students.

Close with prayer!

Week 5:


Ice BreakerSmall group segment with discussion

Close with prayer

Week 6:

Teacher speaker
Closing Prayer