The Who & What

What are Campus Faith Clubs?
They are groups of students who come together and meet bi-weekly or twice monthly before school, on campus, for faith, food and fellowship. The meetings are supported and encouraged by teachers and last for 20-30 minutes where students share with one another a faith message based on scripture/prayer and a light breakfast of donuts and juice to start the day.

What aren’t Campus Faith Clubs?
The clubs are not a worship service or a replacement for church youth groups or Sunday service (even if that were the intention, it would not be possible because of time constraints and school policy). Rather, it is an organized and accepted forum by which students can get connected and encourage one another for faith and healthy decision-making.

What is the difference between a CFC and a school Bible study you might see on campus?
The two may be similar, but they have some distinct differences. First, while both involve scripture, Campus Faith Clubs are open and advertised for all to attend and participate. It is not an exclusive group of select students but rather an inclusive group where all are encouraged to attend – believer or non-believer, regardless of denomination or faith background. Second, the club is pre-approved by administration with teacher advisors. Teachers serve as role models and facilitators. Finally, the clubs are organized to renew each year. Students are identified each year to lead the groups the following school year. There is sustainability because of the club organization and a club charter.

Who can attend?
Any student 6th-12th grade depending on the location. While the faith messages are Christian-oriented, non-Christians are welcomed and encouraged to attend. The messages are also non-denominational with an emphasis on biblical truths and application for everyday living.