We are looking for parents and community members to get involved in CFC and support our mission of Empowering and Equipping Students to Share the Hope and Love of Jesus, Monday-Friday, On Campus in Public Schools.

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities!  Check out the options below and use this link to sign up! CFC Sign Up Genius

Parents in Prayer (PIP) Email – Sign up to receive the Lakeville Parents in Prayer email, a bi-weekly email invitation to pray over specific prayer requests from our Lakeville secondary schools.  Sign up with your email and you will be added to the distribution.

Caribou Coaching – Be a Mentor/Coach for a CFC student leader.  Be matched with a student leader for monthly or bi- monthly coffee dates for encouragement and mentoring.  Time commitment: 2-3 hours per month.

Parents in Prayer School Representative – Be a liaison between your school community and CFC. You will be a point of contact for prayer requests at your school and CFC.  Time commitment: 1-2 hours per month.

High School Service Project Assistant – Assist High School student leaders in organizing, planning, carrying out service projects during the school year.  Examples of past projects include: Feed My Starving Children, Food Drives, Hat/Mitten Drives, Blanket Tying.  Other ideas are welcome as well!

Middle School Service Project Assistant – Coordinate, plan and carry out service projects during the school year.  Examples of past projects include:  Feed My Starving Children, Food Drives, Hat/Mitten Drives.  Other ideas are welcome as well!  Looking for 1-2 coordinators for each middle school.

Facebook Group Administrator – Serve as an administrator for a Facebook parent group for your school.  Time commitment: 1-2 hours to create and set up, 30 minutes/week going forward for posting and promoting CFC activities and events.

CFC Blogger – Love to write? Passionate about what God is doing in the schools? We are looking for someone to write 1-2 short articles a month to post on the CFC website.  Articles could be about things happening locally at your club, statewide or national.

Teacher Appreciation Coordinator – Assist with identifying and/or delivering appreciation gifts twice annually, at Christmas time and the end of the school year. Choose to do one or both.  Time commitment: 6 hours

CFC Church Liaison – Be a liaison between Campus Faith Clubs and your home church for communication of information and promotion of clubs and events.  Time commitment: 2 hours monthly

Faith Club Parent Advisor – Serve as liaison between parents and club.  Main duties would be communicating between the club and parents, as well as assisting student leaders as needed.  Will serve as a communication link with teacher advisors as well.  Time commitment: 2 hours/month

Parent Liaison for Fields of Faith – Serve as a parent representative on the FOF planning team, assist student leaders in planning and carrying out the event. Time commitment: approximately 6 hours between Aug and Oct.

Merchandise Rep – Design, procure and distribute CFC clothing and merchandise.  Time commitment: 4-5 hours or as needed throughout the year.

Annual Banquet Support – Table Sponsor – Support the mission of CFC by purchasing a table or part of a table at the annual fundraising banquet (donation comes with opportunity for business/personal promotion).

Annual Banquet Support – Table Host – Host a table at the annual fundraising banquet.  Invite people to fill a table (at no cost to them or you) join us and your guests for dinner and entertainment on Nov 8, 2020 at Brackets Crossing.

Donut Coordinator – Create sign up genius and process for organizing donut donation and delivery for club meetings